Sunday, January 17, 2010

I should have been born mute.

I can never seem to accurately or appropriately translate the words of my heart into the words of my mouth.  It's when I feel I need or maybe just want to speak that there is a barrier between my heart and my mouth.  The problem, I guess, is that I sometimes speak anyway.  It seems talking gets me into situations I never would hope for as does not talking.  I am at an impasse.  I feel doomed in the world of personal conversation whether it should be small talk or meaningful.  I am socially inept in a world that calls me to be social and talkative.

I don't think I have learned or figured out Provers 17.  It seems simple, yet out of my grasp.  Frustrating.

Unrelated:  Fringe is a good show.


S, K. Pepper said...

you are who you are. Don't judge yourself to be socially inept! By whose standards!?
We are all unique after all. You are you and those who love you know that.
S. K. Pepper

David said...

maybe i should have left out "feeling socially inept".. or the part about "a world calling me to be social"... i don't have a problem being who i am.. it's not really a matter of judging myself as socially inept..
..just a desire to accurately speak the words of my heart in an appropriate manner in correct timing :)