Wednesday, February 20, 2008

who's real? what's the(ir) use?

All the people around me seem to love but only shallowly. No one seems to really care. They love me which makes me feel good at the moment while I'm around their shallow love, but it's fleeting. That doesn't satisfy me. What's the use in having something that doesn't allow me to feel the same acceptance all day long? Why don't those people really make an effort to dig and see what makes up the surface they love? Is that as interesting as I am? Is that all that I'm worth? Is there nothing lovable in the depths of me? I try to do the same. I try to really care. I want to love deep...but I'm sure people could say the same of me...but if they point that hypocritical resemblance out, then it's a conditional response...a shallow reaction. I want the love that is unconditional. I want to love unconditionally.

Let's see what happens.

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