Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crazy Alaska

So I'm in Alaska. I had two full weeks of intense crazy awesome training all over the Yukon and Alaska. Then I trained for a couple days in Homer --bald eagles everywhere. Then I went on my first tour from Skagway to Whitehorse to Dawson City to Tok to Fairbanks to Denali to Anchorage. I just finished my first tour and have a few days until I start my next tour. It is crazy awesome. I love it so far and I especially love the people/other tour directors.

There is no way I could have lasted without the strength of the Lord these past few weeks. He has been so in control of my circumstances and protected me since I have been here. It is a challenging environment that tests not only your obedience to the Lord but many aspects of life. I seek much strength and wisdom from the Lord--I need it in order to live in accordance with His will; there is no way I can please Him without it.

Praise God for He is good.

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