Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fairbanks the Beautiful

Warm greetings to all readers. You have found your way to my blog; whether guided or stumbled upon, the misfortune is the same.

I will now commence detailing the events of my most recent day at this particular point in time.

The day was Sunday, September 6, 2009. The location was the Best Value Inn (BVI) in Fairbanks, Alaska. I slept until 11:00 a.m. I awoke and arose out from under my scratchy questionably-clean comforter in room 469. The room is located at the end of a hall; the hall is adorned with sprinkler piping along the ceiling used for extinguishing fires and various stains along the dark carpet including but not limited to crushed hand soap, carbonated beverages, and gum. I took a shower in which the water pressure was sufficient to moisten the germs on my skin but not fully remove them. After toweling off from my shower, I put on my jeans and my North Pole, Alaska t-shirt which proudly displays a montage of Alaskan wildlife on the front. I gathered a few belongings and proceeded to exit my room and walk down the dingy hallway in which the very air made me feel as if I were adding to the filth on my person that my moistening-session failed to eradicate. I rode the elevator down to the first floor relieved that this certain elevator didn’t choose to have its cable snap on my particular ride. I then exited the BVI and found myself in a bright blue sunshiny day.
Under the blue sky, I turned on my I-pod and listened to some Charlie Hall on my pleasant stroll to the Westmark in downtown Fairbanks. Upon arrival to the Westmark, I did approximately 3 hours of work in the office behind the back parking lot of the Westmark. I gathered highway journals, printed welcome letters, and did a few other collecting of materials used to supply guests with adequate information about their upcoming land tour being as it may that I will be their Tour Director for the next 7 days all the way to Seward. I am a Tour Director for a tour 20 for 35 guests, each of whom have the privilege of touring with Dr. Handsome, aka David Barger, through their Alaskan Adventure. In the office I made a few calls to Hotel Alyeska and looked up some amenities offered at their hotel since that is one of the stops we would be making and one that I haven’t frequented this summer.
After the work was done for the day, I walked into the lobby of the Westmark and sat down for a few minutes to relax with a short piano-playing session; it went well; the music was beautiful; I felt relaxed. Realizing that I have had nothing to eat or drink all day, I allowed my hunger to lead me to the adjacent restaurant where I spoke some Bulgarian with the hostesses and servers before ordering a smoked salmon caesar salad, a cup of clam chowder, and a root beer to go. I then caught a ride in the Escorted Tour Operations (ETO) supervisor’s minivan, that may again break down at any moment, with an ETO supervisor and two other tour directors back to the BVI. I headed directly to 469 again by way of the ridiculously safe and quick elevator through the fresh scented aesthetically pleasing hallway to my illustriously comforting room. I hungrily consumed every morsel of food that was in my to-go box.
After my delicious meal, I headed down to another tour director’s room and listened to him gripe (rightly so) about his tour. Finally the late evening was upon me, and it was time to accompany a few other tour directors to the new movie Inglorious Basterds. We again departed the BVI, embarked the supervisor’s fine driving machine, and traveled safely to the nearest theater that offered us single movie ticket prices that were worth 3 different meals at any choice of fast food restaurants. After waiting 8 minutes in the concessions line I placed my 10 second order and successfully received my 72 ounce Cherry Coke. I found my way into the theater and seated myself in a prime position amongst the stadium seating; the theater was lit by dim wall lights that allowed me to be able to see where I could sit but not actually whether my chair was clean or dirty. I remained alert for the entire 2 and ½ hours of the movie enjoying its style and interesting humor while at the same time acknowledging the fact that it was gruesome in many aspects.
After the movie we had one more short ride back to the BVI, and a quick trip up to the fourth floor. I then wrapped up my evening by searching for a “hot-spot” in order to obtain wireless internet on my computer so I could email my time card to the appropriate supervisors. I then chronicled the above events of my day as if I were a poor unpracticed scribe.

The preceding string of details entails the excitement of my local day in Fairbanks. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did today.

I bid thee farewell.

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