Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't bother reading this...

There's two pieces left and three men standing
Staring down the other two.
All are hungry, all are demanding
they need one piece more than you.

You have leverage.
So you make your spat.
"The other two don't need more food
because they are already fat."

You are skinny. You are hungry.
You must feast in spite of two.
For others that hunger don't know
That they aren't as hungry as you.

You step forward, grab a piece
And boldly shove it in.
Chewing up the only food
that is left in the kicthen.

Bad move. You're dead meat.
You just ate a bomb.
Bad move. You're dead meat.
BOOM goes the bomb.

Splatter-splat. You're everywhere.
As gross as it can be.
Brains, bones, & flesh
Are melting all over me.

Bloody hell, I just bought this shirt
You selfish hungry bastard.
You ate a bomb and now your dead
And my shirt is dead-you plastered.

The kitchen is covered in blood & guts
I'm not cleaning this up.
I'll just eat the last piece
because I'd rather just blow up.

Bad move. I'm dead meat.
I just ate a bomb.
Bad move. I'm dead meat.
BOOM goes the bomb.

No pieces left and one man standing
Staring at no friends or food.
He is hungry but also lonely
for both friends & food went "BOOM."

He writes a note and hangs himself.
He hangs dead from a tree.
The note he wrote simply says,
"Don't waste your time on me."

seriously...why did you read all of that?... it made no sense and probably just leaves you thinking now that I'm a freak... what's new pussy-cat? Whoah woah wooah.

the title warned you. you sucka. you fool. you foolish sucka.

(I'm more normal than I let on.)

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Anonymous said... are either pure genius or seriously disturbed. Either way I don't think that it is safe for people to be left alone with you for extended periods of time. I think the zoo is getting to you.