Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoo Radio Talk

Almost every zoo employee (keepers & staff) have radios. We use these to communicate to each other throughout the day while we are throughout the zoo. I use my radio much more when I'm out of the office--particularly on event days. Every one has a radio number. Mine is 701. FYI: there are 3 areas of the zoo - different keepers work in different areas of the zoo looking over/caring for specific animals in that area.
These are conversations I hear over the radio:

100: 100 to Area 3

231: This is 231, Go ahead.

100: Are the cougars on display?

231: Yes, both girls are out. They may be hiding along the back wall.

100: They're doing a very good job.

220: 224 what's your location?

224: (radio static)****ffe barn.

220: Could you repeat that? I didn't copy.

224: The Giraffe Barn.

220: 10-4
211: 211 to 232.
211: 211 to 232.

232: *radio static*

211: What is your location?

232: At Jewels, getting ready to head up the hill.

211: 10-4.
After having a visitor come to the office and report that they think one of the chimpanzees was dead.

Base: Base to Area 1, we had a visitor report that something looks unusual with one of the chimps.

203: This is 203. I'm on my way to check it out right now.

Base: 10-4.

234: This is 234. I'm headed down there too.
(couple minutes later)
203: 203 to Base. Everything is fine. Susie (the chimp) was just laying out in the sun sleeping. She is up and moving around now.

Base: 10-4.

*visitors always think an animal is dead when it's sleeping.

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