Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this. Regardless it happens to be an excellent way for me to occupy a few minutes of my time when I get bored or want to take a break from whatever I’m doing. I suspect a few people glance over this casually every once in a while. It doesn’t matter though.

Is anyone out there…there…there ?! …Hello…Hello…Hello ?!


I would love to have the ability to teleport…especially with the exception that I could teleport things with me such as luggage, people, etc. – basically whatever I touch.
I would also love to be able to move/control things with my mind – Telekinesis – even better if I could teleport & make teleport whatever I want or think of as well – combination of the two powers – like I could teleport you somewhere without teleporting myself. (Of course don’t forget to include the application of reality to these theories/hopes/dreams of super power/abilities…see this post below.)

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