Monday, January 28, 2008


I wish I had a super power. Flying. Teleporting. Control of an element (or elements). Etc. I'd take anything. How awesome would it be to do something that no one else in the world (or the majority) could do or thought possible to do? (I assume if it were possible, but improbable, for me to have a super power then there would be a select few scattered around the globe that would have a power as well.) In order to think about it in realistic terms (or to bring it as close to reality as I can), I have always thought about the energy or stamina it would take to practice the super ability. Flying for example: Do you just assume that whoever can actually fly, can fly at the speed of light or faster effortlessly and totally in control? Doubt it. People have trouble controlling a vehicle at speeds over 100mph and they are focusing on driving and staying in control when going that fast. They are not effortlessly cruising at 120mph while talking on the phone, surfing the radio stations, or thinking about what they are going to do that weekend. If running makes people tired, I can only imagine how tiring flying would be. You are having to fight gravity the whole time (or at least manipulate it) in order to move above the earth in directions you choose. How fast would someone be able to fly? Some people can run extremely fast and others don't run fast at all. I imagine that some that have the ability to fly may be able to fly faster (or have the ability to manipulate gravity in their favor better) than others who would have that ability. Could you fly faster than you ran? If flying is like the next step up, then maybe you could fly faster than you ran, but it took more energy and was more of a work out. Walking, Running, Flying?

I would love to type more about super powers and my thoughts on them, but I've gotta "fly"/go. So maybe I'll publish a new post about it or edit this post later...or maybe I'll just leave it at this.



Justin said...

What if there were like anti-powers? Like what if someone was uber-stupid or uber-lame? What would that look like? If there were super powers, you would think that there would also be a contrast to that superiority with similarly inferior powers?

David said...

My post was primarily about super powers and my desire to have one. I don't really desire to have an anti-power such as being uber-stupid. But nice contrast. I like your point. I guess the closest realistic example of that would be me (super awesome) and you (uber-lame).