Thursday, January 31, 2008


Time for an explanation of the title of my blog. ("Tales of a Ninja - A Prison for your Mind") It's pretty simple if you haven't already gotten it or even thought about it.

"Tales of a Ninja" should be plain and not require much explanation at all. Most know my history of affinity for ninjas. I am a Ninja. These are my stories/tales. (Enjoy.)

"A Prison for your Mind" is a reference to what this blog is to readers and to me as well. My interpretation of this statement doesn't have to be entirely accurate for me to include it in my title or to like it. This title phrase illudes to the Matrix. It is a phrase used in the movie "The Matrix" in describing what the matrix is. (If you have never seen "The Matrix", then you have no business reading this post or blog for that matter.) "The Matrix" is one of my favorite movies. In a sense we are slaves to the internet. The internet is an invaluable source that the world relies on. The internet will continue on forever (until the world ends). We are slaves/prisoners to the reality it provides. My blog is but one element of the internet but is still included and trapped in its reality. It's also something that is intangible. It is no more tangible than the hardware we use to access it and no more tangible than the matrix itself. It's intangibility only makes it more of an entrapment for the mind. I could go on and elaborate and be more in depth, but I'm sure you get what I'm getting at; besides I don't feel like going any further.

Why would I not inlcude (elements of) something I enjoy in my title of my blog?

-"Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you." - Neo - last line of "The Matrix"

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