Thursday, January 17, 2008

Perpetual Life

Today is the day that I continue to live. Today I continue breathing. I continue seeing. I continue hearing. I continue smelling. I continue sitting. I continue walking. I continue typing. I continue reading. I continue thinking. I continue to continue while things around me continue as well. I continue to think more and more that the word "continue" is an odd, funny-sounding word the more I type it and say it. I continue to exist. My truck continues to chug gasoline. Gravity continues to hold me down to the earth. I continue to wear clothes. The weather continues to change. I continue to want food. I continue to hang out with friends, have friends, make new friends. Friends continue to disappoint me, frustrate me, excite me, love me, despise me, etc. My body continues to always have something wrong with it. Things continue to begin and end.

I continue to type about nothing because I have nothing awesome to report in my first blog post...and so this begins and shall continue for life seems to be perpetual.

To be continued.

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