Wednesday, January 23, 2008

people are lame

It's the little things that get to me. Unimportant circumstances, minor details, small mistakes. People look over these things. They don't care about them. They excuse these things. I can't do that. The small things, the "unimportant" details are important to me for some stupid reason. It's even worse when they are important to me, but everyone else I'm around could care less. So when I care about it or tend to focus on the small things, it's blown out of proportion to the careless people. From their point of view it makes me seem utterly ridiculous, irrational, overreactive. (Though I'm sure my point of view is sometimes just as limited, wrong, obscured, lacking, etc.) It's not that I ignore what "really" matters or focus on the small things where I lose sight of the big picture/idea. It's that I want the bigger matters to have nothing missing and to be as clearly defined as possible. That's what I'm into (usually). HDTV--it's so clear and awesome looking. It makes regular cable look blurry when you actually see the comparison. HDTV is made so clear because they add more detail--they add more lines of pixels--for more lines to fit on the same size tv, they have to be smaller which allows there to be a clearer picture. They don't take away the small details, they focus on them and add to the small things in order to make the bigger picture more clear. Not all things have to matter or be important or need to be focused on or scrutinized. Some things I'm sure shouldn't matter. I'm just saying--people tend to be lame (from my point of view of course) when it comes to looking at the big matters of situations without figuring out or considering what small details have affected it.

Details.Details.Details. Yet specifics are not included in any of the above.
Go figure.


P.S. Somebody (which I know who and shall not mention) kept driving by our house last night between the hour of 1:00a.m. - 2:00a.m. These drive-bys included incessant honking which forbade me sleep. I.was.pissed. I'm sure they thought it was a funny idea and had a good time doing it--but that's just there point of view. The first occurance denied my entry into my nightly coma. If I had fallen all the way asleep, it would not have woken me, but they disturbed me (deeply). Since I was so close to gone, it took a long time for me to come back to, but they honked a lot and for a long time at first, which finally brought me back into reality with a fury. I hope--HOPE--they do it again. I will make it stop, and I will make them wish they had never done it in the first place. Bring it.

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Tyler said...

You're lame!