Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend + MLK day

I am helping FBCJ this weekend with their Resonate/DNOW. I am a small group/bible study leader, and I will have 9th grade boys. This weekend also leads to the national holiday this coming monday celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. This holiday means I get Monday off of work which also means a longer weekend! I was planning for the past two weeks or so on going to Nashville this weekend with some friends and hang out there and see our friends Todd & Laura and others. I didn't realize until this past Sunday that it was the same weekend as DNOW which I had committed to at the end of last year (2007). So unfortunately I will not be able to go to Nashville this weekend. I am pretty bummed about this because sadly I have never been to Nashvegas, and I know several friends and cousins of mine that live there. Also the day after I found out I couldn't go, I found out that if I WERE able to go I could have been in MUTEMATH's next music video--the icing on the cake! MUTEMATH needs extras to be in their next music video for "Control" (I think). They are shooting in Nashville THIS Saturday, and I could have been there! All I would have had to do was send an email to the address they sent saying I was going to come be an extra. (MUTEMATH posted a bulletin about it to their MySpace fans.) They would have told me where to go, what time to show up to the studio, and the compensation I would receive. That would have been a freaking awesome weekend! Oh well. I'm going to be teaching 9th grade boys about Jesus and the importance of God's word. Haha. Bummer that I have to miss all of that, but I do enjoy DNOWs, and I'll say it how my beloved friend Mikey B. (youth minister in Cali who loves MUTEMATH as much as I do) said it: (paraphrasing) I'll pray the time spent at DNOW will have more enternal effect/value than a music video. Amen.

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Justin said...

Mikey B always come through in the clutch.