Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun & Injury

So after an awesome weekend at Resonate/DNOW with some friends and cool 8th grade guys and a little rest, I celebrated MLK day with a few friends. A yum yum lunch at Trace Grill, a little 3:10 to Yuma action in our home theater, some jam time and some chill time, and then some b-ball to top things off. Sadly though pleasure doesn't come without pain. Before we went and ate lunch I randomly decided to do a little free-style stall on a brick ledge at the Belhouse. It was in the kitchen and there is not a lot of room to maneuver, so it was going to be kind of a low-key, nonchalant, confined stall. Well unfortunately I had more ups in me at the moment than I realized and my feet went over the top edge where I was supposed to stall and my toes (pointed down) landed on the plateau of the brick hearth. This rendered my lower body helpless and stuck on the bricks while my upper body which had just been launched in the air then proceeded to abide by the laws of gravity and plummet back down towards the floor. Feet helplessly atop the bricks--my right arm caught on the table attempting to rip my shoulder out of socket and tear all the ligaments and tendons in my shoulder--it partially succeeded. The rest of my body (middle/torso, knees, head, shoulders) unsuspended by bricks or tables was free to fall the rest of the way down to the floor while eventually pulling my arm and feet down with them off of the traps above. This beautiful crash happened so quickly and unexpectingly. The immediate response of everyone (including me) was to laugh at my peril. Here is an amateur sketch of the scene.

Also Conan O'Brien has been accepting fans' ideas and sketches of diagrams about what to do in his Late Night Show. He has been showing the ideas on air and also been incorporating some of them into his zip line performances on the show. It has been hilarious. Here is my sketch that I sent in to conan@nbc.com. It would be awesome if they used it, but I'm sure they are swarmed with fans' ideas and emails.

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